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Information for Current Recipients
Recipients, check here for monthly updates. We’ll post upcoming workshops, events, deadlines, and general announcements.

Payment Guidelines
Scholarship funds are to be spent frugally and wisely. All payment requests are subject to review by the case manager, director and members of the board of directors. Payment requests may be denied, even if they fall into approved categories, if determined to be inappropriate or excessive. Payments for tuition, books and uniforms will be considered only if all necessary paperwork has been completed. (Tuition payments will only be made when your Pell Grant has been posted to school account and/or proof that payment is due immediately is provided to SPSF.)

We CAN pay:
 Tuition, fees, textbooks and school supplies (items that are vital to school success only)
 Membership dues to professional organizations that advance the student’s career goals
 Utilities (cable television not included)
 Telephone (basic service only)
 Transportation (insurance, car repair, maintenance or gasoline)
 Groceries and other household necessities (diapers included).
 Necessary medical/dental expenses for you or your children
 Daycare and after-school care tuition (tuition for private school K-12 will not be paid)
 Other items may be approved by SPSF Board Committees

We CANNOT pay:
 Bills that were due or paid prior to the beginning of the current semester
 Past due and/or late fees
 Credit card bills
 Deposits for housing or utilities
 For purchases paid with food stamps
 Any bills prior to attendance of mandatory orientations and/or all paperwork is signed.

Click Here to download a Payment Request Form. Requires free Adobe Reader.

Renewal Application - Renewal applications are for returning students only. Please contact SPSF for more information.

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