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Scholarship Recipient Stories
It's never easy but it is possible for a single parent to earn a college degree. Since 2000 more than 240 single parents have completed educational programs with the help of Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Pulaski County. They are now nurses, accountants, teachers, mechanics and more. Each of them achieved their dream of higher education, and each of them is improving the chances that their own children will one day become college graduates.
Meet just a few of the parents who have completed college programs, and see their proud children. As our motto says, "When you bring a single parent out of poverty, she brings her children with her."

Janea Snyder
Shauna Storey
Shameka Wright
Jeanne Ford

Janea Snyder ^ janea
UALR graduate: 2003
Currently pursuing PhD at Texas Women's University
Faculty member at UALR
Married Bill Snyder 2004
“As an 18-year old single mom, I wondered how in the world I could take care of this precious, innocent baby who deserved just as much as any baby born to a married couple not living in poverty? I promised myself then that I would do whatever it takes to provide the best possible life for her, even when the odds of me doing so were slim.”

Shauna Storey ^   shauna
Pulaski Technical College graduate, 2005
Licensed Practical Nurse at
Little Rock Community Health Clinic
“I bought my first house by myself, and my kids go to a wonderful school. We live in a very safe neighborhood where my children can just be kids and play outside like I used to when I was a child. My education made it all possible.”

Shameka Wright ^   shameka
UALR Graduate: 2007
Community Development Coordinator
Central Arkansas Development Council
"Getting my degree helps me be the role model I want to be for my child."

Jeanne Ford ^   spacer
UALR graduate, 2001
Assistant Director of Nursing at
UAMS Hospital
"I will always remember the mentor SPSF connected me to while I was in school.Her strength and guidance inspired me."

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