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Living Expense Scholarship
SPSF scholarship funds are not paid directly to the school or to the individual recipient. Funds are held in an account and are accessible throughout the semester. Each recipient is able to work these funds into their budget and decide (within the guidelines) how to best apply the money. Scholarship funds can be used to pay rent, day care, utilities, car repairs, insurance, and medical bills. A recipient may also choose to be reimbursed for groceries or gasoline. Often it can mean the difference between staying enrolled or having to drop a class.

Mentoring Program
Each scholarship recipient is paired with a mentor who is often faculty or staff at the student’s school who agree to communicate with the student at least once a month during the semester. Mentors provide encouragement and shoulders to lean on. They are there to assist with any problems, especially academic situations that often occur during a student’s college career.

Singe 1998 when the SPSF mentoring program began, mentors have offered invaluable assistance. As an example, a UALR student’s Pell Grant was being delayed, which could have cost her enrollment. A mentor was able to work directly with the financial aid office and speed up the process so she did not lose the semester. Another student was about to fail a class. Upon investigation, the mentor discovered that this freshman student was in a senior level course for which she had no prerequisites! The mentor was able to direct the student to a class for which she was better prepared.

Community Partnerships

SPSF maintains partnerships with several community organizations. These partnerships result in expanded services for our students.

Pulaski Heights Baptist Church - Pulaski Heights Baptist Church organizes “Parent’s Night Out” annually for our recipients. The church provides an evening of games, crafts, and storytelling while the parents are treated to fellowship and dinner at a local restaurant.

Life Skill Workshop
Workshops provide recipients with additional information and resources such as additional scholarship programs, budgeting, personal credit, first-time home ownership, purchasing vehicles, and free legal advise for issues including child custody and child support.

Computer Donation Program
As individuals and businesses donate used computers to SPSF, we upgrade them and give them to recipients that do not have a computer at home. While college campuses offer computer labs for student use, single parent students have too many demands on their time to suit the campus computer lab schedule. Their time spent at home is precious and rare. Having a computer allows them to do college work in their own home, on their own schedule, and with their children.