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In this constantly changing world, there are two new economic constants:
the ever increasing cost of energy to operate our schools, hospitals, offices and industrial facilities, and

the need to control or even reduce these increasing costs

UtiliTech links the capital demands of clients needing more efficient energy conservation, generation and control systems, with financial markets seeking investment opportunities in energy technology.

We provide specialized financial advisory services designed to ensure each customer receives the most favorable and flexible financing available. Our unique financing perspective extends beyond traditional equipment leasing techniques, and encompasses tax exempt and taxable municipal finance, off balance sheet transactions, advance funding of energy grants, and maximization of energy tax credits.

Strategic relationships are maintained with the nations largest manufacturers of power generation and climate control systems, certified energy engineers, banks and finance companies. These relationships are combined into a complete Transaction Management Approach that streamlines the planning and development phase of each project, and expedites the delivery of affordable funds.

When energy costs can be reduced through the use of more reliable and efficient power generation and climate control systems, businesses gain a critical competitive advantage in a constantly changing marketplace. When these systems are financed with the energy savings, we call it energy that pays. Please contact us for a complimentary analysis of your next energy conservation project.


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